11 Effective Ways to Stop Suffering From Constipation and Stomach Ache

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11.Sit in a squatting position while pooping

To clear your bowels, the best position known is to sit in a squatting position. You should keep your feet elevated so that the passage of stool can be in a relative position to your squatting movement. This si something that most people never do and invariable end up sitting on the commode as if on a regular chair. This constricts your colon making it difficult to pass stool. Moreover, never use your cell phone or read while pooping as that too isn’t helpful for constipation. It diverts your brains attention from pooping.

There are two common and probable causes of stomach pain. It could be emotional problems like stress, depression, worry and anxiety which are the primary reasons. Secondly, your stomach can be irritated by your constant dosage of drugs. We usually think nothing of popping OTC pills for various ailments but these take a toll on our digestive system. Such problems have a high probability of being experienced by all of us.
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